【unfinished】My sight in speech

In this post, I want to talk about what kind of knowledge speech can be related to and then make some plan for my future study in speech area. The picture below is a draft for building this post. When the post is finished. Draft will be deleted and replaced with a more clear structure.

【project】Gender Detection

”’ This project is from an interview task. It is accomplished in 3 days, which include literature review, corpus prep and model training. Thus many things are not tuning in to the best way. I will update it in the future. Currently, this post will record the thinking and solution to this gender classification task. […]

[Notes]Listen, attend and spell: A neural network for large vocabulary conversational speech recognition

Click this link to the original paper. Main Point This paper proposed a HMM-free speech recognition system, which consists of an end-to-end model outputting conditional probability of character sequences given acoustic signal and a corresponding decoding mechanism to output the recognition result. The end-to-end model can be divided into two parts, a encoder and a […]