柴犬与我(Shiba Inu and me)

Today, I created a new category for document the life of Shiba Inu in my life. Although, I don’t have one right now….There will be in the future.

The first touch with Shiba Inu was nothing, but the film and web pictures, long time ago. Based on those, I believe Shiba should be a dog with high loyalty and innocent appearance. Then I start using them as my wechat photos in my wechat app, while my interests and love grows and never stop.

Now, since I finally got my career started and US life finally become stable, I started to plan to bring Shiba in my life, where it is expected to fulfill multi roles. Friend, partner, brother, son…. As a friend, he maybe the one I can play in real life. As a partner, he maybe the only one who can company me in US. As a brother, we may grow together to explore and understand more of the world. As a son, we may rely on each other to live a more meaningful life.

All above is just imagination which gives you the motive, strength and energy to do the real ‘dirty work’. Below documented the effort of preparation to get an shiba and make sure shiba a healthy life.

In the 1st section, general personality of Shiba and my life will be discussed
to predict whether we can get along with each other. In the 2nd section, stuff and corresponding budget for Shiba will listed to guarantee the basic life for Shiba. Next, plans for practicing before getting a puppy is made. Then in the 4th section, my questions and concerns about shiba inu will be listed and answers will be updated.

1 Shiba and me

I am having a quite and a little boring life style in Ohio.  Wake up around 7 am, having my breakfast, read some novel, watch some Chinese game streamer and then head to work around 9 am. Except for an hour lunch time, I will stop working at 5pm.  Currently, no friend or family is by my side, the night life does get boring and lonely sometime.  Cooking, watching, reading will mostly occupy my time until I fall asleep. That’s almost common daily life.

Shiba Inu is a dog who originates from Japan. Their ancestor was bred to join some small games and hunt sometimes. Thus, Shiba heritage the spirit of curiosity and urge to explore the surroundings. These things seem to be more obvious in the young age. As they grow up,  they are adjusted from where and how they are bred. They may act quite and aloof when they are satisfied by themselves, they may ask for companionship and fun when they feel bored. These actions are quite like a cat, a very independent creature. Another character it shares with cat, is its clean.  Anyway, there still lots of amazing or trouble temperament Shiba Inu possess , like loyalty, high energy, intelligence, stubborn and so on.

Thinking about above, why I would choose this breed as my favor?

I love its independence and loyalty, which means it may be possible that we can respect and rely on each other in a mature way. Although many people would take themselves as a owner, want to take care of , train and control dogs in their will. I prefer not hold this opinion too strongly. It is true that they must live healthy and happy by our effort, but that doesn’t mean dogs must be trained by our will.  I hope I can figure out my own way to live with dog without too much expectation, just happy for its company and casual fun.

And how does it can benefit from a guy like me?

First of all, the time spent with dogs are guaranteed especially for its younger age. Not only my out of work time is a lot, I can also remotely work at home. The companionship Shiba needs are definitely will be met. The similar personality we share is also something, I assume the dog will get along with. We are both holding a curious heart within a calm appearance. That somehow explains  why a Chinese guy leaves his hometown and go abroad for studying and doing speech recognition in US.

What problem I may foresee during the research?

Apparently the ideal home for Shiba Inu is a house with a guarded fence which I can’t give. But I do live in a dog-welcome society, and I feel like all my neighbours are raising at least one dog. I hope this should mean dogs can live well in this environment. Another thing is that I have no dog experience. It is said that Shiba Inu is not a good option for a first time guy. This is actually the hardest problem for me. As educated by scientific view for so long, I can’t just say that my confidence or ambition will conquer all the difficulties. But it’s still true that everything I feel that I can handle it, I always get it right. Where there’s a will, there is a way. I would like to research and prepare for being a newbie who treats the dog well.

In reality, you should always get your hand dirty, instead of just thinking and talking. Next sections are the things I prepare and practice I plan.

2 Preparation with budget

(some product has link on the name)

Entity Expect Final Note
Dog initialization
– Shiba Inu 2000 ?
– Registraiton 0-100 ?
– microchip 50 ?
Stuff at Home
– Crate,kennel,house,pen 70 EliteField 2-Door Soft Pet Playpen
– Bed 30
– Bowl 20 *2 (food,drink)
– Camera Basic 27.99 DMZOK 720P WiFi Camera*4
– Camera Facetime 379 PetChatz HD Pet Camera
– Dog Gate 14.57 Mount Wood Gate
– Super Wide Gate 80 Regalo 192-Inch
– Brush 20 may need more than one
– Toys 100
– Food 1200 by year
– Treats 200 by year
– Chew 100 by year
– shampoo and condition 30 by year
– emergency kit 30
– cleaning 20 by year, natural miracle
– collar,tag 20
– leash 20 TaoTronics Retractable Dog Leash
– dog seat belt related ?
– poop bag 10
Health Care
– Vaccination 150
– Worm Tablets 10 by month
– Fleas 10 by month
– Vet check 60 at least bi-annual
– Groom 100 at least bi-annual
– Taining couses 100-200 each course for several weeks
– Day care 20-50 by day
– Boarding 50 by day


3 Practice

Finding some route for daywalk and make it a daily schedule

Placing the basic cameras to cover most part of home

Visiting and checking target from breeders

Find a veterinarian

Locate a pet care center for possible training, day care, groom

Research on Dog food ,treats and anything related and updated the table above

4 Question list:

1 How to protect a dog before, during, after raining?

2 How to secure Shiba Inu in the car, plane?

3 How to stop Shiba Inu digging trash?

4 What disease I should keep in mind for Shiba Inu?

5 What dog food, treats, toys and anything similar you recommend and why?

6 For nail, ear, hair cleaning, how often do I need to do it?

7 Since Shiba Inu likes to clean itself, how often do I need to bathe it?

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